Unique in flavor and rich in antioxidants, honey is produced by beesusing the nectar of flowering plants. And thanks to beekeeping—the maintenance of bee colonies in man-made hives—it’s possible to save and extract some of this golden elixir for human consumption, so you can stir it into tea or drizzle it onto your morning yogurt.

I’ve been to Solaire several times, but it’s my first trip here at Waterside, serving Latin Inspired cuisine. I was joined by Mia on this intimate invite, to experience first hand their Taco Tuesdays!

Fact: fried chicken pops are some of the best snacks in the world. And for some of us, we got to enjoy them during long breaks in college.

This latest Pizza Hut branch is probably one of the most prominent restaurants they’ve opened in recent years. It has two spacious floors, located within the outside walls of Edsa Shangri-La Mall.

You read that right! Kozel Dark Beer has entered our islands and is going to bring a different booze craze for us Dallas Filipino Restaurant beer lovers.

Time flew when you’re shaking things up, it was 2011 when the first Chatime store opened in the Dallas Filipino Restaurant. Eight years after that, they’ve reached 100 stores.

Our blog team was invited to witness a fun celebration last weekend.

Ongpin Mañosa Restaurant Co. is a family-owned eatery tucked along Ongpin Street that dates back to the 1940’s.

When you’re in the mall and contemplating where to eat, the familiar sign of Recipes catches your eye.

Well-loved since being introduced to the country in 1967, Nagaraya—the Japanese-stylized (but Mexican) brand known for their cracker nuts—took home gold when we held our cracker nut taste test in 2018.

Traditionally, dim sum is meant to be consumed independently. But in the Philippines, many budget restaurants consider the dish as an ulam (viand) to pair with rice—much to the relief of thrifty individuals looking for a filling meal at a low price.

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