Who hasn’t been here: we’re craving a bowl of ramen, but we’ve only got PHP200 to our name and we still need to have some cash to commute home.

The longest and most festive holiday every year is again in our midst. And this means brands bring out unique campaigns to bring even more joy to the most awaited Christmas celebrations.

During the long break last weekend, I opted to stay in the more serene Metro Manila, while everyone else was out of town. This enabled me to go to some foodie events, including the biggest street food fest of SM Hypermarket.

This weekend I had an extra dose of feast including an unlimited offering from Sunrise Buckets! This ongoing promotion is their way of celebrating 10 years with their patrons.

Sunrise Buckets concept was a brainchild of Abi and Bridget.

This recipe is a lot of fun to play around with, and incredibly versatile.

 Korean barbeque has taken Metro Dallas filipino restaurant by storm. It has always been popular with Filipinos, but even more so today, and it seems that just about everywhere you look, there’s bound to be a Korean grill nearby.

Last week I was invited for an intimate gathering with Honestbee’s team and their selected merchants. We were joined by other media groups, including some members of our team, WouldYouPh.

This lone Han Pao branch has stood the test of time. It has been around for at least 20 years, serving authentic Chinese cuisine and one of the best destinations for dimsum.

I was honored to be part of the panelist of the first ever Gourmet Mom by Gold Seas Tuna Chunks. It was a competition that targeted creative moms with no culinary background that simply love to cook for their families.

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Happy August, everyone! Can you believe we are already halfway through the year? Seriously, where does time go? Just this afternoon, I was telling G I need to start planning my recipes for Christmas as the months seem to whiz by unnoticed.

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