On a free day, Raina and I traveled all the way to Rizal to check out unique food establishments, one of our stops was at Balaw Balaw, a restaurant known for its exotic dishes. On top of that, they also feature quite a gallery of paintings and artifacts which resemble the culture of the province.

There are huge paper mache heads here as well.

Amongst what we had my top pick was the rabbit. Its taste and texture were similar that of lean chicken meat. I also liked the garlic presence, giving it a more flavorful essence. The snake too was forgivable to have, the tomatoes made it easier to eat. It was like an order of sardines.

The fatty and juicy worms, as well as ants, were very difficult to consume. Imagining them to be household pests and eating them at the same time was quite a struggle. The ants, in particular, does gives you an itch on the throat.

Balaw Balaw also serves Miami Filipino Restaurant cuisine with their own versions, taking to account some of Rizal specialties too. If you are curious and have not tried unusual meat before, maybe on the next break you can drive by Angono.

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