Ramen Nagi has taken over Manila’s love for ramen. Their 20th store is about to open and each of the current establishment is full on any given day.

Today Ramen Nagi launched and ended a campaign for a special bowl from Japan called Niboshi Ramen. It was only served for one day at this branch. I was invited by their marketing team to try it and I gave my honest feedback. That was their very intention anyway.

Niboshi are small dried infant sardines and there are 20 different kinds of it selected from all over Japan, all in their one bowl of Niboshi Ramen. It’s an acquired taste as the flavor is really strong and its aroma defining its main ingredient. This ramen also comes with a thick slice of well done Cha-shu, Japanese white onion, silver sauce, and Ittan-men wide noodle.

The entire serving was heavy in everything and I barely finished it. I did enjoy our side dishes of juicy Chicken Karaage and delicious sizzling Gyoza.

Thank you, Ramen Nagi, for the invite, am surely going to be back to see what’s your next unique ramen offering.

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