There are currently two food parks in Poblacion; the Pallet is one, Pobstacion is another. I believe that despite the decline of similar concepts, these establishments will thrive with the area having continuous popularity.

Beiruti Bite is one of Pobstacion’s newcomers.

They serve authentic, Middle Eastern fast food at an affordable price. On this invite, we had the pleasure of having most of their menu items.

We kick off this mini feast with traditional starters. First was Mouttabal (Php 129), a mashed cooked eggplant mixed with tahini, olive oil, and other spices plus Hummus with Ful (Php 159), a popular chickpea dip topped with tasty fava beans. Both appetizers came with ample triangles of toasted pita bread for sharing.

If rice is your go-to pleasure, I suggest having either their Beef Rice Meal (Php 140) or Chicken Nacho Shawarma (Php 159). The former is familiar; you have the usual combination of tender and well-seasoned meat, vegetables, and rice, drizzled with garlic yogurt sauce. The latter is more unconventional as it has four filling layers- rice, fries, nachos, and then grilled chicken.

If you came here for the classic, handheld Shawarma, Beiruti Bite wows you with their three sizes- regular, titan and then the one of a kind, the challenger. Our team of four got to indulge in Chicken Challenger Shawarma (with fries, Php 240) and my personal favorite, Beef Saj Challenger (Php 199), a meaty wrap without the veggies but with layers of cheese!

Beiruti Bite Express is on the second floor of Pobstacion. It’s an ideal destination before your party in Poblacion or an after party place after a long night.

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